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BBB seminar: Sushma Nagaraja Grellscheid

ELIXIR Norway - Building a data infrastructure for life sciences and biomedical research

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Sushma Nagaraja Grellscheid
Dept. of Biosciences and Dept. of Informatics, University of Bergen

Prof. Sushma Nagaraja Grellscheid is the co-head of the Norwegian node of Elixir Norway and project leader of ELIXIR3, the current project framework of ELIXIR Norway. ELIXIR Norway is the national research infrastructure for bioinformatics, and the Norwegian node in the European ELIXIR network. ELIXIR's mission is to ensure that life science data is preserved for use and reuse, now and for the foreseeable future. ELIXIR therefore develops databases, tools and training programs that enable researchers to analyze and reuse such data.

This seminar will introduce ELIXIR and explain how the e-infrastructure platforms that it develops are of benefit to biomedical researchers to support the entire lifecycle of life science data (including sensitive patient data), from data management planning, through short-term storage and raw data sharing, large-scale analysis workflows and tools, metadata collection and publication in archives and/or open databases. ELIXIR3 is organized into work packages responsible for each of the main services described above, as well as domain-specific packages that support biomedicine and biodiversity in particular. This is relevant both to researchers generating this data and bioinformaticians who are tasked with analysis, and indeed project leaders who must ensure visibility, reuse and long term archival of life sciences data generated within their projects.

Chairperson: Harald Barsnes, Department of Biomedicine