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BBB seminar

BBB seminar: Petter Frost

Why and how Bioteknologirådet brings societal and ethical questions of bioscience to the general public

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Petter Frost
Director of the
Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board

The Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board (Bioteknologirådet) is an independent cross-disciplinary advisory board for the Norwegian government. The mandate includes societal and ethical questions related to use of biotechnology and gene technology in humans, animals, plants, and microorganisms.

The advisory board has a secretariate, located in Bergen since 2021. A key activity of the secretariate is to communicate science to the general public, facilitate public debates and communication between scientists, relevant authorities and interest organizations.

The secretariate has various well established communication formats from web page based factual resources, to monthly podcasts, newsletters, online magazine, and newspapers articles. A key activity is also organizing lectures and public debate meetings with invited stakeholders and to give lectures on all levels to “everybody” from schoolteachers to university students.

We need the science to be communicated, maybe you need your piece of science topic communicated and discussed in a societal context?

Chairperson: Harald Barsnes, Department of Biomedicine