The Department of Biomedicine

History of the Department of Biomedicine

The Department of Biomedicine is over 50 years old, was reorganized to its present form in 2004 and is, with its 200 employees, including 44 scientists in faculty positions, 60 PhD students and 25 post docs, one of the largest departments at the University of Bergen.

It is situated in a new and well equipped research building (Bygg for biologiske basalfag; BBB) close to Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen: Haukeland Universitetssykehus.

The research of the department is within basic and translational biomedicine with relevance for basic biological themes, a number of diseases and biomedical innovation.

Keywords for department research are biomedicine, translational research, cancer, neurology, physiology, cell biology, molecular biology, circulation, signal transmission, proteomic, imaging, MRI and nano-science.

A core activity is basic graduate and undergraduate education for medical, dental as well as biomedical students, post graduate education including at present 58 registered PhD-students and 27 post docs. 

Keywords for department teaching are medicine, odontology, pharmacy, nutrition (and masters in) physiology and human biology.