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A more individualised cancer treatment

New findings can lead to a more optimalised treatment of brain cancer.

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Brian cancer represents 2-3% of all newly diagnosed forms of cancer in adults. In Norway 800-900 persons are diagnosed per year with tumours originating in the central nervous system.

Senior research scientist Martha Chekenya Enger at the Department of Biomedicine, has discovered a marker that can lead to a more specific and individualised treatment of brain cancer.

- We have shown that a special protein called NG2, localised on the surface of stem cells in the brain, is present in much larger quantities on the most malignant brain tumours compared to more slowly growing tumours. Normal and mature brain cells do not have this NG2 protein on the cell surface. In the future NG2 can be prove to be a marker that clinicians can use when optimalising treatment of individual patients, tells Enger in an interview on the Norwegian Cancer Society´s web pages, where she is presented under “The research project of the month”.

The full interview in norwegian - The interview Google translated to English

Link to the Translational Cancer Research Group, Department of Biomedicine.