The Department of Biomedicine

BBB Seminar: Simon Geir Møller - Cancelled

Fe-S cluster biogenesis, oxidative stress and Parkinson’s Disease: Merging plants, zebrafish and humans

Simon Geir Møller,
Centre for Organelle Research, University of Stavanger

Biological stress comes in many shapes and forms and can have dramatic effects on cells and organisms. Cells and organisms have devised intricate mechanisms to manage stress situations in relation to fundamental biochemical pathways and disease onset and progression. Iron-sulfur (Fe-S) cluster biogenesis/repair is a vital process in all organisms. Fe-S clusters are important cofactors for numerous enzymes and the assembly of these clusters requires an interplay of many different proteins localized to different cellular organelles. We are characterizing the different proteins involved in Fe-S cluster formation and how they act together in protein complexes primarily in plant models. Following on from this we are also interested in understanding how iron homeostasis is regulated via Fe-S cluster perturbations, which have direct implications on neurodegenerative disorders. Furthermore, the link between Fe-S cluster biogenesis, iron homeostasis and neurodegenerative disorders has allowed us to start unraveling molecular mechanisms underlying Parkinson's Disease combining plants, cell cultures, zebrafish and clinical material.