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BBB Seminar: Kristen M. Harris

Structural synaptic scaling during long-term potentiation (LTP)

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Kristen M. Harris
Center for Learning and Memory, Institute for Neuroscience, The University of Texas at Austin, TX, USA

NB! Friday, June 1, 13.00

In this seminar work will be presented that defines relationships between dendritic, spine, synapse, and perisynaptic astroglial structure and function in the mature and developing hippocampus. In addition, recent work will be presented regarding the loss of small dendritic spines during LTP in the mature hippocampus, that is perfectly matched by enlargement of synapses on the remaining spines such that the summed synaptic surface area per unit length of dendrite remains constant. The subcellular composition of dendrites and axons that may account for this structural synaptic scaling will be discussed.

Host: Clive Bramham, Department of Biomedicine