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BBB Seminar: Dominik N. Müller

High salt (NaCl) affects Th17 polarization

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Dominik N. Müller
Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine and Experimental and Clinical Research Center, Berlin, Germany

Current teaching suggests that the “milieu intérieur” bathing all cells is controlled by isosmotic passive equilibration with plasma. Recent evidence has shown this idea needs to be revised. We have the first evidence that a regulatory network between immune cells and the local environment exists in mice and humans. Therefore, we hypothesize that the immune system is influenced by the local electrolyte environment and vice versa. We found that hypertonicity induced by high salt (NaCl) affected cytokine-induced Th17 polarization by a p38MAP kinase, TonEBP, SGK1-dependent mechanism, and that such a salt-driven polarization into a chronic inflammatory state worsens autoimmune disease.

Host: Helge Wiig, Department of Biomedicine