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BBB Seminar: Janne Sande Mathisen

Medical food for the clinical dietary management of brain disorders

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The Nansen Neuroscience Network Symposium

Janne Sande Mathisen
Smartfish AS, Oslo Innovation Center

Our specific nutrients combined in logic synergetic formulations, can provide additive effects on multiple targets in different brain disorders e.g. Alzheimer’s disease (AD), psychosis, depression.

The rapid increase in Alzheimer’s patients is a threat to public health care and there is as yet no effective medication available. Numerous failures in phase II and phase III trials on drugs with single targets (e.g. removing amyloid-β peptide) have been reported.

Will one drug with a single target ever be sufficient? Or is it possible that a multi-component supplement promoting both neuroprotection and immune defense can be more effective as an early intervention in treatment of AD patients?

We are currently involved in a broad clinical study program focusing on mental health conditions and neurodegenerative diseases, including early AD, psychosis, depression and attention/behavioral disorders. Some very encouraging results are starting to emerge from some of these studies.

Preliminary data from a study with scientists at UCLA indicate that a drink containing the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA, as well as vitamin D3 and curcuminoids might be a disease-modifying medical preparation useful in alleviating AD immune deficiencies. The mechanism behind this form of medical intervention is clearance of amyloid-β and decreased inflammation.

Medical nutrition, therefore, may provide an important part of the solution with respect to treatment of an increasing number of neurodegenerative disorders, and in the clinical dietary management of brain disorders.

Chair: Stein Lorentzen-Lund, Nansen Neuroscience Network