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BBB Seminar: Frank Winkler

Seeing is believing is understanding: Intravital microscopy of brain tumor progression and response to therapy

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Frank Winkler
Department of Neurooncology, Neurology Clinic and National Center for Tumor Disease, University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany

To successfully grow, invade, and metastasize, tumors have to closely interact with the microenvironment, including blood vessels. A better understanding of the dynamic and reciprocal nature of this interaction can improve our insight into the mechanisms of tumor angiogenesis and dissemination. We therefore established novel animal models that allowed us to image cancer cells, blood vessels, non-malignant cell types, and their interaction in the live brain. Intravital imaging with multiphoton microscopy through a chronic cranial window is used to track individual cancer cells in real time over weeks to months. This talk will cover the role of angiogenesis, pre-existing blood vessels, and microglia for the single steps of brain metastasis formation and glioma invasion. In addition, insights into the mechanisms of action of antiangiogenic therapies and possible modes of resistance will be reported.

Host: Frits Alan Thorsen, Department of Biomedicine