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BBB Seminar: Michael E. Greenberg

Neuronal activity-dependent signaling: Networks that regulate synapse development and cognitive function

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The Kavli Prize Symposium in Neuroscience


Michael E. Greenberg
Department of Neurobiology, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA

Dr. Greenberg's research has expanded our understanding of the molecular basis of the major events in neural development, the neural responses to injury and disease, and the potential for intervention, treatment, or cure. His research has also explored the molecular biology and genetics of autism spectrum disorders. More specifically, Dr. Greenberg and his research group focus on identifying mechanisms that trigger proliferation, differentiation and survival of neurons during development, and adaptive responses in the mature nervous system. Their work has uncovered the existence and function of a genetic program that is activated by neuronal activity, the mechanisms of signal transduction that carry the neuronal activity-dependent signal from the membrane to the nucleus, and the identification of regulators of this experience-dependent process that affect synapse development and plasticity. Dr. Greenberg is particularly interested in those activity-dependent processes whose dysfunction can lead to the development of diseases of cognitive function.

Chair: Clive R. Bramham, Department of Biomedicine