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Welcome to the PhD Comics lecture tour March 2013! BioStruct has invited the artist behind the PhD Comics cartoon for a lecture tour at the largest universities in Norway. Jorge Cham will hold his talk entitled: ” The power of procrastination”

Jorge Cham is well-known in academic circles for his humorous take on 
the lifes of PhD-students, post-docs and their supervisors. His 
webcomic appears in browsers, on facebook pages and printouts pinned 
to bulletin boards and doors throughtout the world of experimental 
science, and has lifted the spirits of countless candidates. Don't 
miss out on this unique chance to get it served fresh!

Time: Monday 11th of March 18:30 - 19:30

Place: MS Trollfjord, "Hurtigruten", while staying in Bergen Harbour

Is it free: Yes

Registration: vibeke.os@uit.no

Who is behind this: Biostruct, the national PhD-school in structural

    Talk outline:

    • "Piled Higher and Deeper" and the Power of Procrastination
    • Why grad School?
    • Who are you? Compiled Grad student statistics
    • How the economic times may affect global research
    • Plotting your future
    • A call to action