The Department of Biomedicine

BBB Seminar: Joel Glover

Date: 11.02.2010

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Optical recording of the functional development of neuronal circuits 

Joel Glover,
Department of Physiology, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Oslo; Norwegian Center for Stem Cell Research, Oslo University Hospital and Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology, Bergen

Assessing the functional development of neuronal circuits in the embryonic and neonatal brain and spinal cord is challenging because neurons are small and during the early stages of their formation synapses are weak and easily fatigued. Electrophysiological approaches are typically too invasive and disruptive to be used successfully in embryonic preparations. Optical recording techniques, however, provide a means to characterize patterns of synaptic connections in embryonic and neonatal preparations both non-invasively and with large fields of view and, for some techniques, high temporal resolution.

In this lecture I will present some of the work being performed at the Laboratory of Neural Development and Optical Recording (NDEVOR), which was the first laboratory in Scandinavia to establish a platform for dynamic, real-time functional imaging using both calcium and voltage-sensitive dye recording techniques. These, combined with more traditional patch clamp and extracellular recording and stimulation techniques, as well as newer photostimulation techniques, provide a unique repertoire of methods by which neuronal circuits can be dissected from their earliest stages of development.

Host: Clive R. Bramham, Department of Biomedicine