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BBB seminar: J. Jay Couey

Molecular and physiological changes in Arc-defined fear memory engrams in the mouse dentate gyrus

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J. Jay Couey
Neurobiological Psychiatry Group, Department of Psychiatry, Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Understanding how memories are rapidly encoded, stably stored, and flexibly retrieved is among the most important goals in neuroscience. The precise molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying neuronal selection during memory formation remain largely unknown, mainly due to limitations in our ability to visually identify the sparse population of neurons supporting a given memory. My recent work attempts to overcome this obstacle using a reporter mouse line.  Specifically, I am investigating dentate gyrus memory-specific neuronal ensembles at the level of synaptic proteins, individual neurons, and functional microcircuitry using the Arc::dVenus mouse line.  In this talk, I will first give you a summary of our findings in the dentate gyrus followed by a brief summary of my more recent observations with in vitro/ex vivo work in resected human tissue.

Chairperson: Clive R. Bramham, Department of Biomedicine