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How to write competitive proposals for the ERC Advanced Grants

The competition for ERC Advanced Grants is fierce. Find out how to best prepare your application at this course. The stipends are for experienced researchers (more than 12 years after their PhD) who would like to propose a groundbreaking and risky project that they could not finance anywhere else. Our expert trainers from Enspire science will guide you through the process. In addition, a national expert for ERC from the Research Council of Norway and UiB senior advisers will present help and support offers at local and national level. This course is offered in Collaboration with the Research Council of Norway and open for participants from all Norwegian Higher Education institutions.

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Are you an experienced researcher (more than 12 years after PhD?). Do you have an exciting research idea that keeps you awake at night? Could this research open new frontiers in your field and other fields? 

Join us and learn more about how to put your idea on paper in a way that convinces both the ERC panel and your expert evaluators.

Our trainers from Enspire science have long experience and high success rates in coaching academics towards successful ERC applications and they will share their insights with us. In addition, you can hear what the Research Council of Norway and UiB can provide to help you through the ideation and application phase.

Our day at Hotel Ørnen starts at 9:00 and ends at 15:30, lunch and refreshments are included.

The purpose of the ERC workshop is to equip participants with a complete understanding of the ERC funding scheme. The workshop is divided into two main sections. First we will lay the foundations of the ERC grant. Then, we focus on conveying to the participants information which cannot be found in the ERC official documentation. This training will clarify the basic knowledge and requirements of ERC alongside the more elusive and conceptual parts of this unique grant.

Key topics:


Research advisers are welcome to join this course.

UiB academics can speak with the consultants individually after the course, if you work outside UiB you can speak with the ERC expert from RCN. Please indicate this wish during registration to help us planning.

The course will be held in English.