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BOW - visiting Hywind Tampen 04.07.2022
BOW visiting Equinor, Wergeland Group and the Hywind Tampen project in Gulen in Vestland county! Foto/ill. Gry E. Parker, UiB

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General enquiries

For any queries relating to Bergen Offshore Wind Centre (BOW), please contact
Gry E. Parker:

Email: gry.parker@uib.no and bow@uib.no

Media enquiries

Enquiries from the media should be directed directly to the researcher you wish to contact.
Not sure who to talk to? Contact bow@uib.no 
Questions about specific projects should be directed to the contact person for the project.

Who answers what?

Facts about offshore wind power / cost of offshore wind power development / wind power on land vs. offshore wind power

Emeritus Finn Gunnar Nielsen, finn.nielsen@uib.no, +47 55 58 26 44/+47 992 42 457

Wind resources and meteorological conditions

Professor Joachim Reuder, joachim.reuder@uib.no, +47 55 58 84 33/+47 473 81 397

Erosion and wear on wind turbines

Professor Bodil Holst, bodil.holst@uib.no, +47 55 58 29 67/+47 476 07 608


Offshore wind and waves

Associate Professor Mostafa Bakhoday-Paskyabi, Mostafa.Bakhoday-Paskyabi@uib.no, +47 55 58 37 35

Assessment of seabed conditions for floating and bottom fixed offshore wind turbines

UiB's priority area "Climate and energy transition"

Energy Director Kristin Guldbrandsen Frøysa, kristin.froysa@uib.no, +47 55 58 31 75/+47 480 22 045

Climate and energy transition