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Introduction to offshore wind

Online course by the Bergen Offshore Wind Centre

What is offshore wind energy, how is it produced, and how will offshore wind energy development affect the environment and society? Bergen Offshore Wind Centre seeks to answer these and more questions in a new, online self-study course.

Skjermdumper fra BOWs nettbaserte introkurs til havvind
Anna Therese Klingstedt

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BOW is an interdisciplinary centre within the field of offshore wind at UiB, bringing together researchers from disciplines as diverse as geophysics, geoscience, marine biology, physics, law and information technology.

In collaboration with Aker Solutions, Head Energy, NorSea Group, and Eviny, and with funding from the Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills (HKdir), BOW has developed a new online course, Introduction course to offshore wind.

The course provides a basic introduction to offshore wind and an understanding of the technical, legal, environmental and societal challenges, and opportunities of offshore wind energy development.

It is a self-study course that covers a broad field with topics such as:
•    Wind resources and how wind turbines work
•    How wind farms affect marine life
•    The legal framework for offshore wind development

The teaching language is English.

Introduction course to offshore wind


40 people from business and public administration tested the course, and here is some of the feedback:

  • I found the course to be both educational and exciting. 
  • The course is well-structured, the teachers know their topic well, and they pick out important issues and explain them in a good way.
  • Discussion and forum assignments are a very good tools. Use a lot of them and encourage students to comment on other people's contributions.
  • Good work. I think you have adapted the course to the digital format in an excellent way. Good luck moving forward!

Who can sign up to the Introduction course to offshore wind? 

The offer is free of charge and aimed at anyone who wants an introduction to the field of offshore wind. Relevant target groups are employees in the oil and gas industry, the offshore supply industry, politicians, journalists, public sector employees and teachers. No technical background is required to follow the course.

There are no admission requirements, the course is 100% online, and there are no digital classes. You can follow the course at your convenience.

Academic reflection will almost exclusively take place together with other course participants, so we encourage everyone to be active in discussion forums.

Sign up for the course via UiB's continuing education pages