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Professor Stefan Koelsch - Department of Biological and Medical Psychology.


Most people listen to music. Sometimes we like to listen to music while we work, other times to calm ourselves before going to sleep or while reading a book. Music is omnipresent in our lives as it is constantly played in our surondings, for example in resutrants and shops. The Brain and Music group is a brain group, but we are also very interested in how brain and music work. The neuroscience of music is an ever expanding field and it is perhaps important to know how to use music to prevent illness and ease symptoms.

The Brain and Music group is a node group under Bergen fMRI Group. We are located at the Institute of Biological and Medical Psychology.

We work on several projects and you can find more information about the projects on this area and we are curently reqrutiing for serveral projects as well. Go in on the different menus to see which projects are currently reqruiting. 

Professor Stefan Kölsch, Department of Biological and Medical Psychology, University of Bergen (UIB)

Millions of funding for musical Alzheimer’s research

The neuroscientist and music therapist Stefan Kölsch at the University of Bergen has received funding for his project to help Alzheimer’s patients through music.

Group photo of the Bergen fMRI Group at the University of Bergen.

Elite psychology professor offered position at UiB

World-leading neuroscientist Stefan Koelsch has been offered a position as professor at the Department of Biological and Medical Psychology. Professor Koelsch already works with some of the leading brain researchers in Norway.

Language and music phrase boundary processing in Autism Spectrum Disorder: An ERP study

Article on brain and music phase boundary in Autism spectrum disorder