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Professor Stefan Koelsch

Welcome to the webpage for the Brain and Music group.


Professor Stefan Koelsch - Department of Biological and Medical Psychology.

Most people listen to music. Sometimes we like to listen to music while we work, other times to calm ourselves before going to sleep or while reading a book. Music is omnipresent in our lives as it is constantly played in our surondings. The Brain and Music group is a brain research group, but we are also very interested in how the brain is affected by music. The neuroscience of music is an ever expanding field and it is important to understand how the use of music can help ease symptoms, decrease illness severity, and have neuroplastic changes in the brain.

We work on several projects including the Alzheimer's and Music Therapy (ALMUTH) study and are currently recruiting patients with early phase Alzheimer's Disease, Mild Cognitive Impairment, and Subjective Cognitive Decline.

The Brain and Music group is a node group under the Bergen fMRI Group. We are located at the Institute of Biological and Medical Psychology.



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