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BRuSH research group

We are an international group with researcher with background from various research fields

BRuSH research group
Eivind Senneset

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BRuSH research group us an interdisciplinary group that covers disciplines such as epidemiology, statistics, biostatistics, ecology, molecular biology, microbiology, dentistry, and medicine.

We aim to try to understand the associations between bacteria in the environment around, microbiome and inflammatory conditions in the oral cavity, and how this affects lung health. We hope that the results from the project can help to prevent chronic lung diseases and thus increase the number of years of life with a good quality of life.

We work closely with collegues at the University of Bergen, the Oral Health Centre of Expertise (TK Vestland) and Haukeland University Hospital.

We have many international partners, including Aarhus University and the Technical University of Denmark (Denmark), Borstel Research Center (Germany), National Institute of Health (USA), Uppsala University (Sweden), Osaka University (Japan), and study centers in Reykjavik (Iceland), Tartu (Estonia) and Melbourne (Australia).