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Movie screening and seminar

Global School Film & Reflections: Inequality

Film screening of White Cube followed by a panel discussion with Carmeliza Rosario (CMI), Morten Traavik (artist), Haakon Thuestad (Kode Bergen) and Redi Koobak (UiB) moderated by Knut Rio (UiB/GRIP).

White cube building
White Cube

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Welcome to the Global School Film & Reflections series, providing food for thought, body and soul. The series addresses the global challenges that are at the heart of the Bergen School of Global Studies: Climate, Governance, Health, Inequality and Migration.

The ties between colonialism and the art world and the ways these connections manifest themselves in global inequalities are often overlooked. In the movie White Cube artist Renzo Martens draws attention to this by placing a white cube gallary space in the middle of a Congolese palm oil plantation. The movie follows Martens attempt to reverse the flow of wealth and use the privileges associated with the art world to bring about real change. Join us for a conversation about inequality, the role of art and the aftermath of colonialism. 

Bergen School of Global Studies in cooperation with Global Research Programme on Inequality (GRIP) and Bergen International Film Festival (BIFF) will screen the movie White Cube followed by a panel discussion with Carmeliza Rosario (CMI), Morten Traavik (artist), Haakon Thuestad (Kode Bergen) and Redi Koobak (UiB) moderated by Knut Rio (UiB/GRIP).

The movie screening starts at 17:15 in Magnus Barfot Movie Theatre followed by the panel discussion at 19:00 in Kulturhuset. 

Both events are free and open for all.

To retrieve free movie ticket:
1. Go to https://www.biff.no/f/white-cube/405
2. Select 'On. 27. okt'
3. Select 'BIFF Fribillett'
4. Use the code: 309903102672

Colonialism continues to shape our worls in many ways and guises fostering and exacerbating global inequalitites. In modern capitalism and the world of art the imperial structures of exploitation live on. WHITE CUBE documents Dutch artist Renzo Martens' decade-long project of rigging the game of capitalism and art in the favour of artists and farmers in Congo. Following up the critically acclaimed ENJOY POVERTY (2009), Martens has crafted another satirical and thought-provoking criticism of neoliberalism, which is equal parts documentary, art project and economic intervention.

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