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Movie screening and seminar

Global School Film & Reflections: Health

Film screening of People We Come Across followed by a panel discussion with Mia Halme (Film director), Elina Oinas (University of Helsinki), Ingvild Fossgard Sandøy (UiB) and Marte Haaland (UiB) hosted by Karen Marie Moland (co-leader of the Health Pillar, UiB).

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People we Come Across

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Welcome to the Global School Film & Reflections series, providing food for thought, body and soul. The series addresses the global challenges that are at the heart of the Bergen School of Global Studies: Climate, Governance, Health, Inequality and Migration.

While reading the newspaper one day Mia Halme (Film director) came across what she thought was a crazy research idea, namely that of transporting Finns to Benin, exposing them to bacteria causing diarrhea and examining their stools with the purpose of developing a vaccine. In the movie People We Come Across Halme follows the research project in a small village in Benin, exploring the personal experiences of those involved. The film draws attention to how research is conducted, cultural exchange, charity and colonial history. Join us for a conversation about research ethics, decolonization and the intersection of science and society. 

In cooperation with Biff we will screen the movie People We Come Across followed by a panel discussion with Mia Halme (Film director), Elina Oinas (University of Helsinki), Ingvild Fossgard Sandøy (UiB) and Marte Haaland (UiB) hosted by Karen Marie Moland. Moland is the co-leader of the Health Pillar at the Bergen School of Global Studies. 

The movie screening starts in Jusbygg II Auditorium at 17:15 and will be followed by the panel discussion starting at 19:00.
Or join the webinar on Zoom. 

Both events are free and open for all. 
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In the West African nation of Benin, Finnish immunologist Anu Kantele is developing a cure for diarrhea, a disease which kills thousands of children in the region every year. With Beniese adults immune to the cause of the disease, Kantele has devised a program that invites Finns to travel to Benin for a combined vacation and vaccine trial. PEOPLE WE COME ACROSS follows one such test group, and is an entertaining and thought-provoking exploration of research ethics, tourism and the relationship between Europe and Africa. 


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