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Curious about courses at other faculties?

Our society is increasingly in need of people with strong professional competence who can collaborate with colleagues from other disciplines. At UiB you may include courses at other faculties in your master's degree. Apply by 1 March (Norwegian applicants: 20 April)

Eivind Senneset / UiB

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At UiB, we offer a range of master's degree programmes taught in English on topics related to sustainable development and the improvement of living conditions worldwide. In addition, most faculties offer a selection of courses open to students from other faculties.

Open courses

You may choose among the open courses to adapt the education you take to your interests or needs. Please note that the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Law do not offer open courses.

In order to highlight the University's focus on research and teaching related to the many global challenges facing our world today, we have gathered relevant master's programmes and open courses in the five pillars of Berge School of Global Studies.

Follow the links for an overview: Climate | Governance | Health | Inequality | Migration

Contact us

Not all the open courses will work with the content and/or schedule of your master's programme, and some courses may not run every semester. Please contact the student information centre if you wish to include a course taught at other faculties than you own.

For information about specific courses, please contact the person listed. For master's programmes, see contact information on the programme page.

Some topics have requirements for prior knowledge. This means that you must have taken one or more specific courses before you can take this course.