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Internship opportunity in ecology (physical distance options included)!

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Are you a biology student who is interested in alpine ecology, vegetation science, functional traits and ecosystem ecology, and how climate change will affect alpine and/or high-latitude ecosystems? Then you are the right person for a research internship with RECITE. This internship will give you the chance to work with new fields and habitats, to learn important skills for a biologist such as data collection and analysis, critical thinking, and problem solving, plus you will get a glimpse of the day-to-day work of ecologists and possibly establish contacts for future jobs abroad.

Our research groups at the University of Bergen (Norway), the University of Arizona (USA), and University of Minnesota (USA) enlist the help of 2–3 student interns each summer to assist with various research projects. These internships typically run between 1 and 3 months throughout the summer field season (June–August). More information about the three internship opportunities can be found here:

 University of Arizona, Tuscon, USA - Rocky Mountain Biological Lab in Gothic, Colorado

 University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA - Teaching and learning in COVID-19 times

 University of Bergen, Norway – Alpine vegetation ecology and climate change

Interns may work both in the lab and field but, depending on the development of COVID-19 measures, we will provide internship options involving the analysis of collected data as well. You will gain a range of experiences by assisting with vegetation monitoring, collecting ecologically relevant data (if fieldwork is an option this summer), processing field samples in the lab (e.g. sorting and weighing biomass, measuring traits), data management, data analysis and much more.


You need to be a bachelor or master student in biology or a related subject. Students at the University of Bergen, The University Center in Svalbard, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, University of Arizona, University of British Columbia, and University of Minnesota will be prioritised in the selection process.

Be aware that due to COVID-19, conditions may change. Note that when you apply for a field- or lab-based internship, you need to be a resident of the country in which the internship is based. Data-based internships that can be done at a distance, are possible internationally.

The RECITE internship application deadline is 15th May 2020.

To apply, please send a cover letter along with your CV and the names and contact information for two professional and/or academic referees to the respective project leaders (see project pages listed above). The successful candidates will be offered a refund of travel costs to travel to their internship location (if applicable, economy travel), as well as a per diem rate to cover basic daily costs (approximately 10.500 NOK per month).