Between the Fjords

UoA Internship

A summer internship is available to work within the Enquist Lab an the University of Arizona. Interns may work at the Rocky Mountain Biological Lab in Gothic, Colorado but depending on the development of COVID-19 measures, we also provide internship options involving the analysis of collected data as well.

We use physiological, experimental, theoretical, and observational methods to try to understand what regulates the diversity (phylogenetic and functional) and dynamics of subalpine communities and ecosystems at different scales. In particular, we are interested in understanding how diversity influences ecosystem functioning. We study the relative importance of abiotic (namely, climate) and biotic (species interactions, community assembly, and competition) factors in controlling plant community and ecosystem responses to climate change. At the broadest scales, we study the flux of carbon dioxide from subalpine meadows along an elevational gradient and its relationship to temperature, water availability, plant functional traits, and species identity. We also use remote-sensing techniques as well as macroecological approaches to study broad-scale processes. At the smallest scale, we study the mechanisms of community assembly of subalpine meadows. A summer intern will be contributing to ongoing research of PhD students and postdocs on several field and experimental projects associated with the above goals.


You need to be a bachelor or master student in biology or a related subject. Students at the University of Bergen, The University Center in Svalbard, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, University of Arizona, University of British Columbia, and University of Minnesota will be prioritised in the selection process. Be aware that due to COVID-19, conditions may change. Note that when you apply for a field- or lab-based internship, you need to be a resident of the USA. Data-based internships that can be done at a distance, are possible internationally.

To apply, please send a cover letter along with your CV and the names and contact information for two professional and/or academic referees to

Brian J Enquist: benquist@email.arizona.edu and

Julia Chacon-Labella: juliachacon@email.arizona.edu.

All the travel costs (if applicable) and living expenses (fixed per diem) will be covered by the RECITE project. The application deadline is 15th May 2020.