Comparing communities in New Zealand and Norway

The CALENDARS team will closely study, and compare, institutions in two communities; Bergen city in Norway, and the clustered townships of Whitianga, Thames, Manaia and Kennedy Bay on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand.

Two photos - top one of a road going through greenery and towards green hills, a beach an blue sea to the right. Bottom picture: Tall trees in the snow
Otama beach in Coromandel, New Zealand and Isdalen in Bergen, Norway
Kerstie van Zandvoort/Anne Bremer

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These places were chosen for three main reasons:

(i) their similarities and differences that help us compare and draw lessons (see under);
(ii) our well-established research networks;
(iii) project-leader Scott Bremer’s background, conducting research in New Zealand and Norway.  


Similarities and differences between the Bergen and Coromandel study sites:

Higly developed and modern
Similar population and system of government
Coastal places between hills and sea
Strong primary industry sectors
Four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter
Publicly recognised changes in seasons
Opposite hemisphere, with inverse seasons
Old/new world distinction
Languages and cultures
Constitutional relationship to traditional peoples
Urban/rural distinction
'Closeness' to climate science and research