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Høstseminar 2019 for K.G. Jebsen sentre for medisinsk, marin og maritim forskning

K. G. Jebsen Center for Genome-Directed Cancertherapy is founded with generous support from the Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Foundation. The center's goal is to identify genetic defects that sensitize solid tumors to chemotherapy and compounds that target DNA repair and to exploit such deficiencies for improved patient outcomes.

Representatives from all running centers attended the annual seminar in October 2019 at Solstrand. The seminar was hosted by the Foundation and the Center for Genome-Directed Cancerthearpy.

The picture shows Professor Per Eystein Lønning being interviewed at ASCO

Findings regarding new origin of breast cancer presented at ASCO 2022

In an interview with journalist Julie Kalveland from Dagens Medisin (04.06.2022) Professor Per Eystein Lønning shares the most important findings from a Norwegian-American collaboration study on BRCA1-methylation in breast and ovarian cancer. These findings were presented orally by Lønning at ASCO ...

Personalized cancer therapy
Aas og Eikesdal

Promising results for hormone therapy

Through the Petremac study, doctors at Haukeland have found that patients with hormone-sensitive breast cancer have a good effect, fewer side effects and need less invasive surgery when they receive hormone treatment instead of chemotherapy.

Screenprint Medpage Today 12/14/21

Annals of Oncology

Research on PARP inhibitors carried out at Mohn Cancer Research Laboratory and KG Jebsen's center for genome-directed cancer therapy receives attention in the international press after publication in the Annals of Oncology.

Therapy abroad
Skjermdump NRK TV

Hoping for a Cure

In the Norwegian tv-series "Håpets marked" (The Market of Hope",) host Lisa Tønne follows Norwegians who seek various types of medical treatment abroad.

Therapy abroad
Print screen BT

No miracles guaranteed

Bergens Tidende shares the story of Elisabeth Thomassen, who receives support from the am-car community to raise money to try treatment in the USA.