Centre for Advanced Prediction of Climate and Marine Ecosystems (CAPE)

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CAPE harnesses independent world-class research hubs to achieve a scientific challenge that they can only achieve together.

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Climate prediction is emerging as a world-leading research activity from the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research (BCCR), through new interactions among its four partner institutes—University of Bergen (UiB), Institute of Marine Research (IMR), Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center (NERSC), and Norwegian Research Centre (NORCE). The activity is housed within the strategic Bjerknes Climate Prediction Unit (https://bcpu.w.uib.no/) and has contributed to the new Centre for Research-based Innovation – applied research – Climate Futures (https://www.climatefutures.no/). Combining climate prediction with ecosystem modelling is a logical but ambitious next step.

Theoretical data assimilation and AI research will be a cornerstone in the challenging merging of climate prediction and ecosystem modelling, as they can resolve the complex multi-scale interactions to make best use of limited data and computing power.World leading competences in Earth System Modelling and scientific computing are also central to developing an internationally leading research environment in this new field.

Centre members:

Centre Leader: Noel Keenlyside (UiB)​ 

Group leaders:

Julien Brajard (NERSC

François Counillon (NERSC

Geir Evensen (NORCE Energi)

Cecilie Hansen (IMR) 

Geir Ottersen (IMR) 

Marius Årthun (UiB)​ 

Wider team from Bergen: ​


Ingo Bethke 

Gregory Duane

Alexander Oltu 

Nour-Eddine Omrani 

Mao-Lin Shen 



Laurent Bertino 

Helene Langehaug 

Annette Samuelsen 


NORCE Energi

Patrick Raanes 



Mats Bentsen 

Aleksi Nummelin 

Jerry Tjiputra 



Benjamin Planque 

Morten Skogen 

Anne-Britt Sandø