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Jean-Christophe Bourdon

Dr. Jean-Christophe Bourdon earned his PhD in cellular and molecular biology in 1997 at the Paris XI University, France. He is currently senior lecturer at the School of Medicine at Dundee University. He was co-director of the Inserm- European Associated Laboratory (Toulouse University, France) in 2006-2010 and was awarded the prestigious fellowship from Breast Cancer Campaign in 2012.

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Dr. Bourdon’s research group is internationally recognised to have pioneered and developed the p53 isoform research field, which has reformed and broadened the p53 field beyond cancer to premature aging and age-related degenerative diseases. Research interests are both in fundamental and translational research.

Bourdon’s lab aims to decipher the molecular mechanisms of cell fate decision mediated by the p53 isoforms in response to cell signals and treatment. In translational research, Bourdon’s lab aim to establish the p53 isoforms as predictive biomarkers and to identify new therapeutic compounds targeting the p53 isoform pathways.

Dr. Bourdon has a long lasting collaboration with Professor Bjørn Tore Gjertsen at CCBIO on the development of the p53 isoforms as biomarkers in AML and breast cancer. In addition, Dr Bourdon co-supervises a PhD project together with Professor Gjertsen, exploring the roles of the p53 isoforms in the cell plasticity and cell fate decision induced by the new anticancer and anti-metastatic inhibitor of Axl receptor kinase inhibitor developed at CCBIO (BGB324). Bourdon would like to extend further the use of the p53 isoforms as predictive biomarkers to new compounds developed at CCBIO and to decipher the molecular mechanism of cell response to such treatment. Bourdon would also like to develop new diagnostic tools related to the p53 isoforms in partnership with CCBIO.