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Arne Östman

Professor Arne Östman received his PhD in 1990 on Plateletderived growth factor from the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Uppsala University, Sweden. He is currently professor at the Karolinska Institute (KI).

Professor Östman's research is focused on the biology of tumor microenvironment with special focus on tumor associated fibroblasts and their role in cancer progression. Professor Östman is also vice-coordinator of STRATCAN, a government funded initiative for development of excellent cancer research at KI (2010-). 

Since the Professor II appointment at UiB in 2015, Östman has obtained funding from Kreftforeningen which is used for a project on identification of novel tumor stromaderived biomarkers in breast cancer. The project is performed in close collaboration with the Akslen group. This project is presently being expanded to a threeparty format also involving researchers at the EMBL-sponsored FIMM institute in Helsinki. Östman is also developing other collaborative efforts with the Akslen group, including use of novel digital-image-analyses- based methods for characterization of breast cancer tumor vasculature. This project includes researchers at Uppsala University. Other CCBIO connections of Östman include an EU grant application together with Gullberg, and emerging collaborations with the Costea group on cancer-associated fibroblasts in oral cancer. Together with Akslen, Östman has acted as co-organizer of two wellattended workshops which have gathered Scandinavian tumor pathologists and cancer researchers. The two first meetings were held in Sotra, Bergen (2016) and Sigtuna, Sweden (2017) and a third meeting is planned for 2018 in Helsinki. Östman contributed with one chapter to the recent collection of reviews on tumor microenvironment edited by Akslen and Watnick.