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Satellite symposium to the CCBIO Annual Symposium 2022

CCBIO Satellite Symposium

Save the date for a Satellite Symposium on a selected topic which will take place 1:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. May 9th 2022 at Solstrand Hotel, the day before and at the same place as the CCBIO Annual Symposium 2022.

The beautiful surroundings at the historical hotel Solstrand provide an ideal frame for the symposium with the serene fjord views, fresh air, great food and spacious areas, with a little touch of Norwegian history.
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Also this year, we plan to host a Satellite Symposium the day before the CCBIO Annual Symposium. Topic and speakers are not yet set, but will be announced as soon as plans are confirmed.

We will start out with a delicious lunch buffet and then go on to the scientific program. 

Read article here about the first Satellite Symposium which focused on Liquid Biopsies, co-organized by the Centre for Cancer Biomarkers (CCBIO), the Bergen Health Strategic Program of Personalized Cancer Therapy (Liquid Biopsies), and Professor Klaus Pantel, University Klinik Hamburg.

The Satellite Symposium can be combined with the CCBIO Annual Symposium.  
CCBIO's 10th Annual Symposium will take place May 10-11 2022, also at Solstrand Hotel & Bad.

So save the date – and welcome!