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CCBIO Annual Symposium

CCBIO arranges an annual symposium. This consists of a combination of talks by invited international speakers and other senior researchers, extended poster sessions where younger researchers can present their work, and ample time for interaction between participants.

Collage of photos from the CCBIO Annual Symposia, lots of people in different settings.
Ingvild Festervoll Melien

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The 2020 Annual Symposium, May 12–13, was unfortunately cancelled, following the national guidelines for reducing outbreak of the corona virus. The 2021 Annual Symposium, May 19–20, was a fully digital event. From the 2022 event on, the symposium was back on track at Solstrand, with an option of joining through a digital channel.

Most recent date was 2024: May 14–15, at Solstrand

Dates in the coming years:

2025: May 13-14

2026: May 12-13

2027: May 11-12

2028: May 9-10

2029: May 8-9

Overview of the scientific programs of the symposia over 10 years, 2013-2023 
Articles from the symposia 2013-2023