Centre for Cancer Biomarkers CCBIO

Vision and research areas

CCBIO aims to discover, validate and translate functional cancer biomarkers to improve biological understanding, early diagnosis of aggressive phenotypes, and cost-effective and responsible treatment of cancer.

CCBIO is focusing on tumor-microenvironment interactions in primary and metastatic lesions, and how tissue context can educate and define aggressive tumor features and predict cancer progression patterns. The center is studying how cross-talk between tumor cells and components in the tumor microenvironment reflect cancer complexity and heterogeneity and determine cancer prognosis, beyond what is given by description of genetic alterations in tumor cells.

CCBIO concentrates on the following overlapping and fully integrated programs:

1. Mechanisms of Tumor-Microenvironment Interactions (Preclinical Studies)

2. Exploration and Validation of Cancer Biomarkers (Biomarker Validation)

3. Clinical Applications and Trial Studies (Clinical Studies)

4. Health Ethics, Prioritization and Economics

In this way, biomedical project areas are supplemented with integrated ethics and economics projects, focused on how to prioritize and fund expensive cancer treatment in the era of expanding and costly personalized medicine. In addition, Bioinformatics is an important intersecting research area which is included in our portfolio through an associated research group.