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Ole Henrik Kongsvik

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"Nanosafety aspects: Dental health care workers’ perception of nanomaterials and in vitro nanotoxicity assessment using new approach methodologies." Supervisors: Professor Emeritus Anne Nordrehaug Åstrøm, Professor Mihaela Roxana Cimpan, Professor Daniela Elena Costea and Associate Professor Ileana-Mihaela Cuida Marthinussen. Defense date: May 23, 2024. See press release.

"Stemness and osteogenic differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells generated in xeno-free conditions." Supervisors: professor Kamal Mustafa, Professor Daniela Costea, Professor Helge Ræder, and Dr. Salwa Suliman. Defense date: May 24, 2024. See press release.

"Neural Interactions in the Breast Cancer Microenvironment." Supervisors: PhD Heidrun Vethe, PhD Manuel Carrasco, PhD Dimitrios Kleftogiannis and Professor Lars A. Akslen. Defense date: May 31, 2024. See press release.

"Development of Advanced 3D Ovarian Carcinoma Models." Supervisors: Professor Line Bjørge, Professor Emmet McCormack, and Researcher Katrin Kleinmanns. Defense date: June 24, 2024. See press release.

"Unveiling the Complexities: Patients’ and Healthcare Providers’ Perspectives on Understanding and Managing Ovarian Cancer." Supervisors: Professor Line Bjørge, Professor Roger Strand, Professor Ingvild Vistad, Associate Professor Sigrunn Drageset, and Researcher Liv Cecilie V. Thomsen. Defense date: June 28, 2024. See press release.


"Single-cell protein profiling in early therapy response evaluation of acute myeloid leukemia by mass cytometry." Supervisors: Professor Bjørn Tore Gjertsen and PhD Vibeke Andresen. Defense date: January 19, 2023. See press release.

"MRI and 2- [18F] FDG PET/CT for staging, prognostication, and tailoring treatment in endometrial cancer." Supervisors: Professors Ingfrid Haldorsen and Camilla Krakstad. Defense date: January 20, 2023. See press release.

"Immunotherapy and HBOT – from bench to bedside." Supervisors: Professor Linda Stuhr and Professor Rolf Reed. Defense date: January 20, 2023. See press release.

"Immunomodulatory effects of mesenchymal stromal cells and calcium phosphate scaffolds in bone regeneration - Preclinical and clinical studies." Supervisors: Professor Kamal Mustafa, Professor Bjørn Tore Gjertsen, Senior Researcher Sonia Gavasso and Researcher Salwa Suliman. Defense date: February 24, 2023. See press release.

 "Synthetic studies toward [18F]-fluorination of solid-supported silyl ethers." Supervisors: Professor Bengt Erik Haug, Ole Heine Kvernenes and Professor Emmet Mc Cormack. Defense date: May 25, 2023. See press release.

 "Rethinking High-Grade Serous Ovarian Carcinoma: Comprehensive Bioprofiling for Enhanced Identification of Surgical Phenotypes and Treatment Outcomes." Supervisors: PhD Liv Cecilie Vestrheim Thomsen, Professor Line Bjørge and PhD Ragnar Kvie Sande. Defense date: September 29, 2023. See press release.

"Functional and Prognostic Role of MicroRNAs in Cancer Associated Fibroblasts and Stroma in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma." Supervisors: Professors Anne Christine Johannessen, Daniela-Elena Costea and Dipak Sapkota. Defense date: November 23, 2023. See press release.

"Breast cancer of the young: Exploring age-related breast cancer biology." Supervisors: Associate Professor Elisabeth Wik, Professor Lars A. Akslen and PhD Erling Høivik. Defense date: November 30, 2023. See press release.



"Identification and development of small molecule therapies for the treatment of acute myeloid leukaemia." Supervisors: Professor Bjørn Tore Gjertsen and PhD Vibeke Andresen. Defense date: February 11, 2022. See press release.

"Prognostic roles of proliferation- and differentiation-related proteins in oral leukoplakia and oral squamous cell carcinoma." Supervisors: Associate Professor Dipak Sapkota (UiO) and Professor Daniela Elena Costea. Defense date: February 18, 2022. See press release.

"Prognostic biomarkers and tumour immune microenvironment characterization in oral squamous cell carcinoma." Supervisors: Professor Daniela Elena Costea, Professor Anne Chr. Johannessen, PhD Elisabeth Sivy Nginamau and Senior Researcher Tarig Osman. Defense date: March 25, 2022. See press release.

"The tumor microenvironment in breast cancer A study of stromal elastosis, tumor immune cells, vascular invasion, and the relation to detection mode." Supervisors: Professor Lars A. Akslen, Associate Professor Elisabeth Wik and PhD Tor Audun Klingen. Defense date: April 8, 2022. See press release.

"Organoid models and novel biomarkers for improved treatment of endometrial cancer". Supervisors: Professor Camilla Krakstad and PhD Erling Høivik. Defense date: April 22, 2022. See press release.

"Novel Methods and Sources for Regeneration of Oral Mucosa." Supervisors:  Professor Daniela Elena Costea, Professor Anne Christine Johannessen, Professor Mihaela-Roxana Cimpan and Researcher Salwa Suliman. Defense date: June 16, 2022. See press release.

"Tumor microenvironment in breast cancer progression. A mass spectrometry-based proteomics study for biomarker discovery and validation." Supervisors: Professor Lars A. Akslen, PhD Kenneth Finne and PhD Heidrun Vethe. Defense date: August 30, 2022. See press release.

"Digital Breast Tomosynthesis - the future screening tool for breast cancer?" Supervisors: Researcher Solveig Hofvind and Professor Ingfrid S. Haldorsen. Defense date: October 31, 2022. See press release.

"Biomarkers of aggressive breast cancer with emphasis on tumor-stroma crosstalk." Supervisors: Professor Lars A. Akslen, Associate Professor Elisabeth Wik and Professor Ingunn Stefansson. Defense date: December 9, 2022. See press release.

"Improving economic evaluation and decision-making for oncology drugs using real-world data." Supervisors: Professor John Cairns and Associate Professor Alec Miners. Defense date: December 13, 2022.

"AXL targeting to enhance tumor Type 1 interferon response and potentiate chemo-immunotherapy." Supervisors: Professor James Lorens and Associate Professor Niels Aarsæther. Defense date: December 16, 2022. See press release.



“Essays on Economic Incentives and Implications of Biomarker Tests.” Supervisors: Professor Tommy Staahl Gabrielsen and Julie Riise, with contributions from Professors Lars A. Akslen, Roger Strand, John Cairns and PhD Kelly Seo. Defense date: February 12, 2021. See press release.

“Preclinical molecular imaging in oncology – From chemical synthesis to clinical translatable applications.” Supervisors: Professors Emmet McCormack and Bengt Erik Haug. Defense date: June 25, 2021. See press release.

“Rethinking High-Grade Serous Carcinoma: Development of new tools for deep tissue profiling.” Supervisors: Professors Line Bjørge and Emmet McCormack and Researcher Liv Cecilie Vestrheim Thomsen. Defense date: September 3, 2021. See press release.

“Novel tools and assays for the study of integrin α11 expression and function.” Supervisors: Professors Donald Gullberg and Daniela Elena Costea. Defense date: September 24, 2021. See press release.

“Role of integrin α11β1 in breast cancer.” Supervisors: Professors Linda E. Birkhaug Stuhr, Lars A. Akslen, Donald Gullberg and Rolf K. Reed. Defense date: September 24, 2021. See press release.

“Precision and Uncertainty. Cancer biomarkers and new perspectives on fairness in priority setting decisions in personalized medicine.” Supervisors: Professors Ole Frithjof Norheim, Roger Strand and Lars Andreas Akslen and Associate Professor Trygve Ottersen. Defense date: September 24, 2021. See press release.

“Novel preoperative biomarkers and evaluation of altered treatment strategies to improve outcome for endometrial cancer patients.” Supervisors: Professors Camilla Krakstad and Jone Trovik. Defense date: October 1, 2021. See press release.

“Epithelial-mesenchymal transition, angiogenesis, and molecular markers in aggressive prostate cancer.” Supervisors: Professors Ole Johan Halvorsen, Lars A. Akslen and Christian Beisland. Defense date: October 22, 2021. See press release.


Martin Pilskog January 23.
Title: "Predictive biomarkers for response to treatment with sunitinib in renal cancer patients"
Supervisors: Professor Oddbjørn Straume, Professor Christian Beisland and Professor Lars A. Akslen.
See press release.

Jahedul Alam January 31.
Title: "Novel Insights into Integrin α11 Expression and Function"
Supervisors: Professor Donald Gullberg, Professor Rolf K. Reed and Professor James Lorens.
See press release.

Hilde Renate Engerud February 7.
Title: "Molecular markers to predict prognosis and guide therapy in endometrial cancer"
Supervisors: Professor Camilla Krakstad and Professor Jone Trovik.
See press release.

Caroline Benedicte Nitter Engen February 14.
Title: "Exploring the boundaries of precision haemato-oncology - The case of FLT3 length mutated acute myeloid leukaemia"
Supervisors: Professor Bjørn Tore Gjertsen, Professor Emmet McCormack and Professor Øystein Bruserud.
See press release.

Tone Hoel Lende March 6.
Title: "Proliferation in operable breast cancer. Aspects of prognostication and relevance of carbohydrate metabolism"
Supervisors: Professor Håvard Søiland, Professor Emiel AM Janssen, Professor Emeritus Jan PA Baak and Professor Lars A. Akslen.
See press release.

Tormod Karlsen Bjånes March 6.
Title: "Drug delivery in pancreatic cancer"
Supervisors:  Bettina Riedel, Jan Schjøtt and Emmet McCormack.
See press release.

Harsh Nitin Dongre April 30.
Title: "Biomarkers and preclinical models for more precise diagnosis and personalized treatment of oral and vulva carcinomas - Study on human samples and experimental models"
Supervisors: Professor Daniela Elena Costea, Professor Line Bjørge and Professor Anne Christine Johannessen.
See press release.

Yaping Hua May 4.
Title: "Discovery and characterization of novel STAT3 and androgen receptor inhibitors in prostate cancer cells"
Supervisors: Professor Karl-Henning Kalland and Professor Xisong Ke.
See press release.

Hanna Elisabeth Dillekås June 4.
Title: "Importance of physical trauma on recurrence of breast cancer. Can tissue trauma synchronize growth of dormant micrometastases?"
Supervisors: Professor Oddbjørn Straume, Associate Professor Svein Arthur Jensen and Professor Olav Mella.
See press release.

Eduarda Guerreiro June 12.
Title: "Isolation and characterization of extracellular vesicles – Molecular couriers from cancer cell lines, and saliva and tear fluid from patients with primary Sjögren’s syndrome." (UiO/UiB)
Supervisors: Associate Professor Tine Merete Søland and Professor Daniela Costea.
See press release.

Ragnhild Haugse June 17.
Title: "Endothelial cell signaling and sonoporation"
Supervisors: Associate Professor Spiros Kotopoulis, Professor Emmet McCormack and PhD Anika Langer.
See press release.

Nazar Gafar Abdulrahman Mohamed June 19.
Title: "Biomarker Identification in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Study on Cohorts of Patients from Sudan"
Supervisors: Professor Daniela Elena Costea, Professor Anne Christine Johannessen, Professor Ahmed Sulaiman and PhD Elisabeth Sivy Nginamau.
See press release.

Sissel Dyrstad August 21.
Title: “A study on metabolic rewiring in cancer cell plasticity”
Supervisors: Professor Karl Johan Tronstad, Researcher Gro Vatne Røsland and Professor Jim Lorens
See press release.

Ehsan Hajjar December 17.
Title: “Next generation leukemia diagnostics and therapy through p53 isoforms”
Supervisors: Professor Bjørn Tore Gjertsen, Senior Researcher Vibeke Andresen and Advisor Sigrun Margrethe Hjelle
See press release.

Mikyung Kelly Seo
Title: "Economic evaluations of companion cancer biomarkers for targeted therapies”
Supervisors: Professor John Cairns and Dr. Alec Miners at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). 


Katharina Bischof February 8th.
Title: "Rethinking Gynecological High-Grade Serous Carcinoma. Portraying the p53 isoform landscape and development of a new preclinical tool for optical imaging in xenograft models"
Supervisors: Professor Line Bjørge, Professor Emmet McCormack, Professor Bjørn Tore Gjertsen and Researcher Stian Knappskog
See press release.

Maria Lie Lotsberg April 29th.
Title: "The role of AXL and the microenvironment in cancer cell plasticity and therapy responses. A study in non-small cell lung cancer models".
Supervisors: Professor James B. Lorens, Professor Lars A. Akslen and Researcher Agnete S.T. Engelsen
See press release.

Maria Ryssdal Kraby (NTNU).
Title: "Tumor Vasculature in Subtypes of Breast Cancer.”
Supervisors: Professor Anna Bofin, Associate Professor Signe Opdahl, Professor Lars A. Akslen and Researcher Hege Russnes.
See press release.

Sahba Shafiee June 20th.
Title: "Translational Development of Preclinical Models and Therapies in Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS)"
Supervisors: Professor Emmet McCormack, Associate Professor Astrid Olsnes Kittang and Professor Bjørn Tore Gjertsen
See press release.

Kjersti Tefre Davidsen June 21st.
Title: "The Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Axl in Tumour Phenotyptic Plasticity and Acquired Resistance to Cancer Targeted- and Immunotherapy"
Supervisors: Professor James Lorens and Professor Oddbjørn Straume
See press release.

Sameer Bhargava Nov 1st (Cancer Registry of Norway & UIO)
Title: “Mammographic screening among immigrant women in Norway; disparities in attendance and selected screening outcomes.”
Supervisors: Professor Solveig Hofvind, Associate Professor Kåre Moen and Professor Lars A. Akslen.
See press release.

Sigmund Ytre-Hauge December 11th.
Title: "Advanced imaging biomarkers in endometrial cancer"
Supervisors: Professor Ingfrid S. Haldorsen, Professor Jone Trovik and Professor Helga B. Salvesen (†)
See press release.

Katrin Kleinmanns December 13th.
Title: "Rethinking High-Grade Serous Ovarian Carcinoma: Development of New Preclinical Animal Models for Evaluation of Image-guided Surgery and Immunotherapy."
Supervisors: Professor Emmet McCormack and Professor Line Bjørge.
See press release.


Tina Fonnes November 30th.
Title: “Preclinical models and molecular biomarkers - tools to improve treatment in endometrial carcinoma”
Supervisors: Professor Camilla Krakstad, Professor Emmet McCormack and Professor Bjørn Tore Gjertsen.
See press release.

Lawrence Fred Sembajwe August 24th.
Title: "EXT Proteins: Role in Heparan Sulfate Assembly and in Tumor Biology"
Supervisors: Professor Marion Kusche-Gullberg, Professor Donald Gullberg and Professor Helge Wiig.
See press release.

Israa Abdulrhman Ahmed June 26th.
Title: "Identification of prognostic biomarkers for oral squamous cell carcinoma. Study on human samples and experimental models"
Supervisors: Professor Daniela Elena Costea, Professor Anne Christine Johannessen and Associate Professor Dipak Sapkota.
See press release.

Waqas Azeem June 1st.
Title: "Regulatory patterns in prostate cell differentiation – investigation of transcription factors AR, GATA2 and NKX3-1".
Supervisors: Professor Karl-Henning Kalland and Xisong Ke.
See press release.

Emilia Hugdahl April 20th.
Title: "Prognostic and molecular markers in primary and metastatic cutaneous melanoma".
Supervisors: Professor Lars A. Akslen and PhD Rita Grude Ladstein.
See press release.

Maria Ramnefjell April 10th.
Title: “Prognostic biomarkers and clinico-pathologic characteristics in non-small cell lung cancer. A study with special focus on tumor-vascular interactions”.
Supervisors: Professor Lars A. Akslen and Associate Professor Lars Helgeland.
See press release.

Henriette Christie Ertsås April 6th.
Title: “The effects of ageing on microenvironment-contextual epithelial cell signalling”.
Supervisors: Professor James B. Lorens and Professor Rein Aasland.
See press release.

Stein-Erik Gullaksen March 23rd.
Title: “Single cell signalling and immune profiles in chronic myeloid leukaemia”.
Supervisors: Professor Bjørn Tore Gjertsen, Associate Professor Jorunn Kirkeleit and Professor Emmet Mc Cormack.
See press release.

Tor Audun Klingen February 20th.
Title:"Vascular invasion by tumor cells, and other prognostic factors in a population-based breast cancer study".
Supervisors: Professor Lars A. Akslen and Associate Professor Elisabeth Wik.
See press release.


Jan Roger Olsen January 27th.
Title:"Context dependent transcription factor regulation in normal and malignant cell differentiation".
Supervisors: Professor Karl-Henning KallandXisong Ke and Anne Margrete Øyan.
See press release.

Maria Omsland February 3rd.
Title: "Investigation of the intercellular structure tunneling nanotube (TNT) in leukemia".
Supervisors:  Dr. Vibeke Andresen and Professor Bjørn Tore Gjertsen.
See press release.

Pugazendhi Murugan Erusappan May 5th.
Title: “Molecular Aspects of Integrin α11 Function”
Supervisors: Professors Donald Gullberg and Helge Wiig.
See press release.

Karen Klepsland Mauland June 9th.
Title: "Context-related biomarkers in endometrial cancer – a study with focus on obesity and genomic alterations".
Supervisors: Dr. Henrica MJ Werner, Professor Helga B. Salvesen, Dr. Erling André Høivik and Professor Jone Trovik.
See press release.

Anna Berg June 22nd.
Title: "Molecular alterations and diagnostic imaging in premalignant and malignant endometrial lesions for improved diagnosis and treatment".
Supervisors: Professor Ingfrid Haldorsen, Professor Camilla Krakstad and Dr. Henrica MJ Werner.  
See press release.

Inga Reigstad June 22nd.
Title: "Investigation of different aspects of the tumor microenvironment as determinants of tumor development and progression".
Supervisors: Professors Linda Stuhr and Rolf K. Reed.  
See press release.

Sura Aziz June 27th.
Title: "Biological and clinico-pathologic markers in breast cancer. With focus on histologic features, markers of proliferation and angiogenesis".
Supervisors: Professor Lars A. Akslen and Associate Professor Elisabeth Wik.
See press release.

Stefan Hinz September 8th.
Title: “Mechanisms of AXL mediated cell plasticity and drug resistance”.
Supervisors: Professor James B. Lorens nd PhD Gro Gausdal.
See press release.

Marit Valla October 12th.
Title: "Molecular subtypes of breast cancer: incidence and prognosis". 
Supervisors: Professor Anna M. Bofin, NTNU, Researcher Signe Opdahl, also NTNU, and Professor Lars A. Akslen, CCBIO. This was a collaboration project between CCBIO and NTNU.

Kristi Krüger November 8th.
Title: “Markers of angiogenesis and the basal-like phenotype of breast cancer”. 
Supervisors: Professor Lars A. Akslen and MD PhD Elisabeth Wik.
See press release.

Mari Kyllesø Halle November 10th.
Title: “Molecular alterations suggesting new treatment strategies in uterine carcinomas”. 
Supervisors: Professors Camilla Krakstad and Jone Trovik.
See press release.

Gry Sandvik Haaland November 17th.
Title: “Investigations of the cancer therapeutic and protective effects of warfarin-mediated inhibition of the receptor tyrosine kinase AXL”.
Supervisors: Professor James Lorens and MD PhD Oddbjørn Straume.  
See press release.




André Sulen December 9th.
Title:"Leukocyte p38 and p53 proteins after environmental exposure; variation, associations and applicability".
Supervisors: Professor Bjørn Tore Gjertsen, Jörg Aβmus and Bjørg Eli Hollund.
See press release.

Cornelia Schuster November 22nd.
Title: "Investigation of predictive markers in patients with metastatic melanoma treated with bevacizumab".
Supervisors: Dr. Oddbjørn Straume and Professor Lars A. Akslen
See press release.

Elise Aasebø November 4th.
Title: “Mass spectrometry-based proteome quantification in leukemic cells from acute myeloid leukemia patients”.
Supervisors: Professor Frode S. Berven, Professor Frode Selheim, Dr. Marc Vaudel and Bjørn Tore Gjertsen.
See press release.

Lavina Ahmed November 2nd.
Title:"Axl as a Biomarker in Breast and Lung Cancer".
Supervisors: Professor Lars A. Akslen, Dr. David Micklem and Dr. Hawa Nalwoga. 
See press release.

Gøril Knutsvik October 31st.
Title: "Biomarkers in breast cancer, with special focus on tumor cell proliferation".
Supervisors: Professor Lars A. Akslen and Associate Professor Ingunn M. Stefansson.
See press release.

Ingvild Løberg Tangen October 7th.
Title: "Hormone signaling related factors as biomarkers in endometrial cancer"
Supervisors: Associate Professor Camilla Krakstad and Professor Helga Salvesen.
See press release.

Hengshuo Liu September 16th.
Title: “Expression and mechanosensitivity of integrin alpha 11 in the tumour microenvironment”.
Supervisors: Professor Donald Gullberg and Professor Rolf K. Reed.
See press release.

Fanny Pélissier May 9th.
Title: “The Role of Age in Cellular Responses to Microenvironmental Cues as a Breast Cancer Susceptibility Factor”.
Supervisors: Professor James B. Lorens and Dr. Mark LaBarge. 
See press release.

Himalaya Parajuli April 29th.
Title: "Integrin Role of integrin α11 in oral carcinogenesis. In vitro and in vivo studies ".
Supervisors: Professors Daniela Elena Costea, Anne Christine Johannessen and Donald Gullberg
See press release.

Jenny Hild Aase Husby 5 February 2016.
Title: ”Functional imaging to promote individualized and targeted therapy in endometrial cancer”.  
Supervisors: Professors Ingfrid S. Haldorsen and Helga B. Salvesen.
See press release.



Lene Elisabeth Myhren 16 October 2015.

Title: ”Cell death induction by free and encapsulated cancer drug candidates”.
Supervisors: Stein Ove Døskeland, Lars Herfindal and Bjørn Tore Gjertsen.
Press release.


Katarzyna Wnuk-Lipinska 7 April 2015.
Title: “The role of Axl signaling in phenotypic plasticity in normal and neoplastic epithelial cells”.
Supervisors: Professor James B.Lorens and David Micklem.
Press release.


Ida Wiig Sørensen 12 February 2015.
Title: «Molecular Characterisation of Integrin a 11 Function».
Main supervisor: Professor Donald Gullberg. Co-supervisor: Professor Marion Kusche-Gullberg.
Press release.




Crina Elena Tiron 20 June 2014.
Title: “The Role of the Axl Receptor Tyrosine Kinase in Breast Cancer”.
Main supervisor: Professor James B. Lorens.
Press release.


Tariq Al-Hadi Osman 4 June 2014.
Title: “Cancer stem cell-related markers in normal and neoplastic oral mucosa; a study on human samples and experimental models”.
Main supervisor: Professor Daniela Elena Costea. Co-supervisor: Anne Christine Johannessen.
Press release.


Øystein Helland 23 May 2015.
Title:  "Ovarian Cancer: A clinical challenge requiring basic answers. Development of an orthotopic ovarian xenograft model accessible to surgical intervention and exploring the role of Treg in evasion of immune destruction".
Main supervisor: Professor Line Bjørge. Co-supervisors: Professors Bjørn Tore Gjertsen and Emmet McCormack.
Press release. 


Henrica Maria Johanna Werner 20 May 2014.
Title: "Clinical and molecular markers in endometrial cancer. Studying prognostic and predictive biomarkers that can help to individualise therapeutic decisions".
Main supervisor: Professor Helga Salvesen. Co-supervisor: PhD Candidate Jone Trovik.
Press release.


Amani Hamza A. Osman 20 February 2014.
Title: "Characterization of the tumor stroma and stem cell niche in oral squamous cell carcinoma".
Main supervisor: Professor Anne Christine Johannessen. Co-supervisor: Professor Daniela Elena Costea.
Press release.


Åshild Lunde 7 February 2014.
Title: ″Tensions in Practice, Knowledge and Regulation: Genetic Counseling in Norway″.
Main supervisor: Professor Roger Strand. Co-supervisor: professor Karin Nordin.
Press release.




Hanne Eknes Puntervoll 11 December 2013.
Title: "Molecular studies of sporadic and hereditary cutaneous malignant melanoma”.
Main supervisors (50/50): Professors Anders Molven and Lars A. Akslen.
Press release.


Hanne Haslene-Hox 11 October 2013.
Title: “The microenvironment in human ovarian carcinoma - characterization through proteomic analysis of tissue interstitial fluid”.
Main supervisor: Professor Helge Wiig. Co-supervisors: Professor Helga Salvesen and Professor Olav Tenstad.
Press release.


Elisabeth Wik 30 September 2013.
Title:  “Endometrial carcinoma: a step closer to individualized therapy? Exploring transcriptional alterations in relation to prognostic biomarkers”.
Main supervisor: Professor Helga Salvesen. Co-supervisor: Professor Lars A.Akslen.
Press release.


Even Birkeland 20 September 2013.
Title: “Mutations and gene amplifications in endometrial carcinomas. Clinical characteristics and potential targets for therapy related to KRAS, MYC, ATAD2, PIK3CA and FGFR2 alterations”.
Main supervisor: Professor Helga Salvesen. Co-supervisor: Associate Professor Camilla Krakstad.
Press release.


Jørn Skavland 30 August 2013.
Title:  "Risk stratification and therapy response monitoring by phosphoprotein profiles in acute myeloid leukaemia".
Main supervisor: Professor Bjørn Tore Gjertsen. Co-supervisor: Professor Øystein Bruserud.
Press release.