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Meet the cancer cell in person!

Popular science enacted

CCBIO offers schools a unique way of learning about cancer cells in the form of a play, or a highly entertaining presentation for other audiences. Children and youth are introduced to cancer cells in a very different way!

Many clones of Gluttony Georgia.
A tumor consists of many identical clones of Gloria Glutton.
Per Sakariassen

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Different plays

Schools have a choice between the play "Stine Stemcell finds herself" (in Norwegian only) which is appropriate for children/youth in the age of 10 to 14, or the lecture/stand-up routine "Christine the Cancer Cell – A sociopath in the body", suitable for youth and adults. Both are free of charge.

Scientist and actor

Performer is Henriette Christie Ertsås, PhD graduate from the Department of Biomedicine and CCBIO. 

Henriette stages stories that takes place inside the body, more specifically within the individual cell, and introduce that teeny tiny biology not visible even in the microscope. She is a molecular biologist who works with age-dependent cancer at the University of Bergen (CCBIO). She is absolutely horrified by the total lack of common decency she has discovered among cancer cells. Having also studied acting she is well suited to tell the story of the wondrous biology of cells.

Henriette also has the play "Stop the cancer cell Gloria Glutton!", for children in the age of 4 to 13, which is not available at the moment, but will be at a later point.

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