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Helicopter accident on Turøy

The Experience of Visiting the Place of Incident After the Accident on Turøy

On April 29, 2016, a helicopter crashed just north of Turøy in Fjell municipality in Hordaland. A total of thirteen people, two pilots and eleven passengers, were killed in the accident. The helicopter was on its way from the Gullfaks B oil platform on the Gullfaks field in the North Sea to Bergen Airport, Flesland. The helicopter was about five minutes from Flesland when the helicopter's main rotor detached without warning from the helicopter cabin. The helicopter fell about 640 meters before it hit a small island and set on fire. Parts of the helicopter slipped into the sea after the collision and were found in water one to nine meters deep. The rotor spun in the air for about half an hour before it landed on another isle several hundred meters away from the site of the accident.

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