Centre for Crisis Psychology
Board members

Board members

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Representatives from the centre

  • Centre leader: Jarle Eid

  • Associate professor: Pål Kristensen

  • Postdoctor: Iren Johnsen

  • Senior Adviser: Unni M. Heltne

  • Student: Astrid Mohus

Deputy group A: Professor May Aa. Hauken until 2022,
Deputy group B: Post doc Hilde Hjelmeland Ahmedzai for 1 year,
Deputy group C: Higher exective officer, Hanna Tandberg until 2022,
Deputy group D: Kristin Skjærseth 1 year

The center council is responsible for processing the center's research report, education report and other strategy and results documents. Prepare and present the budget proposals, annual budgets and annual accounts, as well as preparing any restructuring and reorganization plans. The center council is an advisory body between center management, staff and students. 

Secretary: Head of Administration Gøril Vikøren Nøkleby

Observer from Crisis of Crisis Psychology: Heidi Wittrup Djup

External representatives

Managing Director Nina Mevold, Sørlandet Hospital HF and Division Director Hans Olav Instefjord, Psychiatric Division, Haukeland Hospital