Centre for Crisis Psychology
Scientific assistant

Johan Kolstad Jacobsen, Scientific assistant

TOKT -tactical operational communication training: Analysis of real-time communication for development of new procedures for training emergency services.

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Johan Kolstad Jacobsen has a master's in psychology from the University of Bergen from 2020. He has a bachelor's degree in media and communication, a bachelor's degree in general psychology and a master's degree in social and cognitive psychology, all from UiB. The master's thesis is on collaboration and communication in distributed operational teams at the emergency medical service (ambulance & amk). Other areas of interest consist of decision making, training, recruitment and use, optimization and effects of technology for human cognition.

The project includes various activities such as (but not limited to) literature review and preparations for data collection, interview guides and conducting interviews, reviewing audio logs, etc.

The goal is to be able to design applications for various sources of funding such as regional and national research funds, as well as the EU funds. The latter also includes international cooperation with other actors in Europe working on social security. The activities also aim to publish results in master's theses, PhD degrees and scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, as well as to partners.

The project is a collaboration between KOKOM, Kyrgyz Service Clinic Haukeland University Hospital and Center for Crisis Psychology.

Project manager: Professor Jarle Eid