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Artistic Integrated Research

The objective is to produce experimental artistic research exploring emerging forms of digital narrative, to foster artistic research across the nodes and develop new ways of integrating this research into cultural contexts.

Artistic Integrated Research – Center for Digital Narrative, UiB

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Digital art bridges the gap between creativity and innovation, expanding creative expression and strengthening societal bonds while pushing the boundaries of what's possible. These contributions enrich culture, drive technological progress, and inspire new forms of communication and expression. 

The Artistic Integrated Research node within CDN, or AIR, is underpinned by a vital understanding: Any digital technology, any new device or code, software or hardware, technique or methodology, site or situation , can be used to read, write or situate a digital narrative.  

A hand-held projector can be used to place hidden digital works in forests. Software for large game studios can create narratives that change based on location or use machine learning. IOr imagine walking through a natural history museum and finding animated AI narratives hidden amongst the dinosaurs and climate change exhibits.   

Research at AIR will focus on creative outcomes, digital art, and writing. Creations that live in art galleries; institutions like libraries, universities, and sometimes delivered through digital platforms to large global audiences. Experimentation with theme and focus is also central, emphasizing digital writing and art that engages with critical themes, and explores all storytelling media as a powerful literary element. 

The why and where these creative works exist will also be examined.  How can we reach new audiences, changing how they understand narrative experience?  Lastly and importantly, much of AIR’s research will happen across the CDN. The AIR node has no thematic boundaries and will seek to coax scholars, students, writers, artists, and technologists into developing ground-breaking research, to birth new creative trajectories.