Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET)

Master's student at CET

Are you a master student working on topics related to climate and energy transformation? Then you can apply for a workspace at the CET Centre.

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Judith Dalsgård

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We have six workspaces in the CET study room available for dedicated students working with topics related to the CET Centre’s activities. The workspaces are available for engaged students from different disciplines who will benefit from working within an interdisciplinary study environment.

We expect you to:

  • Actively use the workspace you have been granted
  • Be engaged in your studies and contribute to a dynamic learning environment.
  • Be present at the university and have an active role in contributing to the CET Centre.
  • See the benefits of interdisciplinary work and the opportunity to discuss your master's thesis with students from other disciplines.

You get:

  • Proximity to CET Centre staff, who can contribute with inputs and advice in your writing process.
  • Your own private workspace in the CET study room (shared room with five students).
  • To participate in a dynamic study environment with other committed students working on similar topics.

We welcome master students from all disciplines to apply. Workspaces are allocated in terms of professional composition and relevance to the centre's research themes. We currently have five spaces available and new MA students will be prioritized.

Apply here, the application deadline for autumn 2020 is August 28.

NB: Due to Coronavirus restrictions we are unable to accommodate for six students for the fall of 2020. More information on how many spaces are available to follow.