Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET)

CET Accelerator funding

CET invites proposals for accelerator funds, with the purpose to stimulate activities within the overall scope of the centre. Eligible applicant are researchers that are affiliated with CET.

CEt accelerator

The overarching goal of CET is to produce actionable knowledge that can inform policy and practice about how to achieve deep, rapid and sustainable transformation of society to mitigate climate change. CET will initiate and conduct problem-oriented social science research in collaboration with researchers from other disciplines, and with involvement of public and private sector user partners when appropriate.

In this call, proposals are accepted for (1) seed funds to develop larger research applications for national or international calls for proposals, or (2) strategic projects within research, publication, teaching or communication that can contribute to building new activities. The amount applied for to CET is normally between NOK 50 000 and 200 000 for each proposal. The plan is to fund 3-6 projects in this call.  

Proposals will be assessed based upon their quality, and their potential to strengthen research within the scope of CET. Projects that are interdisciplinary and include international partners will be given priority. Proposals that stimulate new collaborations are encouraged.

Funded activities must be completed by June 2021. Applicants are encouraged to plan for hosting activities at the CET centre when appropriate (e.g. workshops and seminars).

All CET funded activities must be conducted in a manner that minimizes environmental and climatic footprint, and in line with the CET Low-Carbon Travel Policy. CET strives at maintaining gender equality in all its activities.

Calls for CET accelerator funds are twice yearly, normally in March/April and September/October.  

Who can apply

The application

  • A proposal written in English, a maximum of 2 pages.
  • Project budget.
  • CV of project leader.

Applications are to be submitted to cet@uib.no by the deadline (title: “CET accelerator funds Autumn 2019”).

All proposals must include:

  • Name and affiliation of project leader.
  • Project start and end date. For (1) seed funding, end date is equal to the application deadline of the main call for proposals.
  • A description of how the activity will contribute to strengthening research on climate and energy transformation.

For (1) seed funds, the following additional information must be provided:

  • Funding source, call and application deadline for the main call where the proposal developed will be submitted.
  • Draft title, purpose/research question, expected outcome of the proposal to be developed.
  • The estimated total amount that will be applied for in the full proposal.

Application Deadline

  • Application deadline: 29.11.2019, 24:00 hrs. CET


  • Decisions about funding will be communicated by 13.12.2019 


  • A financial report and a brief narrative report (1/2 - 1 page) must be submitted to CET within 1 month after end of the activity, clearly demonstrating how funding has been spent. A condition for receiving (1) seed funds is that the proposed research application is submitted.