Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET)

CET Affiliation

For researchers working on themes related to climate and energy transformation, becoming a CET Affiliate opens opportunities for connecting with an interdisciplinary network, possibilities for funding, and facilitation of research communication.

CET Affiliation


In order to be affiliated with CET, you have to be either employed at the University of Bergen, Uni Research or the Norwegian School of Economics, or at least partly employed through a research project owned or co-funded by CET. 

Affiliated researchers are entitled to (rights):

  • Participate in activities organised and funded by CET.
  • Apply for support through CET funding mechanisms.
  • Be listed on the CET website.

Affiliated researchers are committed to (obligations):

  • Conducting research relevant to climate and energy transformation.
  • Conducting research with as little environmental and climatic footprint as possible.
  • Being an active affiliate, e.g. attend CET meetings and activities.
  • Attributing CET in addition to home institution in communications from relevant activities to policy makers, the general public and media.
  • Reporting relevant research proposals, projects and publications to CET, so they can be included in the CET portfolio and listed on the website, in reports, etc.
  • Provide accurate background information to be listed on the CET website.
  • Listing the CET affiliation when relevant. For projects partly owned or co-funded by CET, CET should be included as affiliation in addition to formal employer in scientific publications.

The preferred way to do this is:

Home institution and Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET), University of Bergen, Norway

Note that using CET as a secondary affiliation does not affect the publication point system in CRISTIN.


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