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Professor IIs at CET from right: Jessica Jewell, Siddharth Sareen and Jakob Grandin

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Jessica Jewell, Chalmers University

Jessica is an Associate Professor in Energy Transitions at the Department of Space, Earth and Environment at Chalmers University.

Her research focuses on the feasibility of climate action and quantifying the dynamics and mechanisms of energy transitions using a variety of disciplinary approaches and methods. She is a recipient of a European Research Council's Starting Grant as well as the Principal Investigator of a project funded by the Norwegian Research Council and a leader of work packages in collaborative research projects supported by European and Swedish funding agencies.

Siddharth Sareen, University of Stavanger (Fridtjof Nansen Institute from August 2024)

Siddharth Sareen is Professor in Energy and Environment at the Department of Media and Social Sciences at University of Stavanger. He researches the governance of energy transitions at multiple scales. He has worked as an environmental social scientist on numerous projects in seven countries since 2011. He teaches on the Masters programme in Energy, Environment and Society. His interdisciplinary background spans human geography, political ecology and development studies.

Siddharth Sareen was named the Nils Klim Laureate in 2024. 

Jakob Grandin, City of Bergen

Jakob Grandin is a senior advisor at the City of Bergne where he works to make local institutions, research and higher education relevant to the tough, complex and urgent challenges of our time. He is particularly interested in urban responses to multidimensional climate risk, stakeholder engagement and how to operationalise justice in sustainability transformations. My research explores how cities collaborate to accomplish rapid and ambitious sustainability actions.

Jakob is the convener of the UiB Collaboratory which brings together students and researchers to co-create methods for learning and collaboration that are appropriate for the complexity of current social and environmental challenges.