Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET)
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The Steering Committee

The CET Steering Committee has the overall responsibility for the centre's professional development and the achievement of its objectives.

light blue bakcground with images of Siri Gloppe, Peter Andersen, Malin Arve, Kikki Kleiven, Ståle Knudsen and Ingrid Helgøy
CET Steering Committee: Top right: Siri Gloppen, Peter Andersen, Malin Arve. Bottom right: Kikki Kleiven, Ståle Knudsen, Ingrid Helgøy

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The committee is composed of representatives from the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, the Department of Geography, Bjerknes Center for Climate Research, NORCE and Norwegian School of Economics.

Steering Committee 2022 - 2025 

MembersDeputy members
Siri Gloppen (Vice dean for research)Jan Erik Askildsen (Dean, Department of Social Sciences)
Peter Andersen (Department of Geography)Gro Aase (Department of Geography)
Ståle Knudsen (Department of Social Anthropology)Lise Hellebø Rykkja (Department of Administration and Organization Theory)
Kikki Kleiven (Bjernes Centre for Climate Reserach)Kristin Guldbrandsen Frøysa (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences)
Ingrid Helgøy (NORCE)Trond Martin Dokken (NORCE)
Malin Arve (NHH)