Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET)

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Name.               PositionInstitution/DepartmentArea of expertise
Andersen, GisleSenior ResearcherNORCE SamfunnScience-policy interface; Norwegian Petroleum Policy; Sociology of knowledge
Andersen, PeterAssociate ProfessorUiB/ Dept. of Geography Food; Agriculture; Environmental management
Anderson, KevinProfessorUiB/ Dept. of Geography Carbon budgets, policy goals, negative emission technologies
Betti, MariannaPostdoctoral FellowUiB/ Dept. of Social AnthropologyAnthropology of Oil and Energy
Bhopal, AnandPh.D FellowUiB/ Dept. of Global Health and Primary CareClimate change and health
Bokor, BarbaraPh.D FellowUiB/ Faculty of LawMarine plastic pollution
Bremer, ScottSenior ResearcherUiB/ Centre for the Study of the Sciences and the HumanitiesClimate adaptation governance
Chance, KerryAssociate ProfessorUiB/ Dept. of Social AnthropologyUrban ecology, climate change, global South
Cyndecka, MalgorzataAsscoiate ProfessorUiB/ Faculty of LawEU/EEA; State aid law; Competition law
Dankel, Dorothy Associate ProfessorUiB/Dept. of Biological SciencesFisheries, biology & ocean management; biotechnology & aquaculture
Doran, RouvenAssociate ProfessorUiB/ Dept. of Psychsocial Sciencesocial influence, sustainable tourism, sustainable consumption, perception about climate change
Eskeland, Gunnar SProfessorNHH/ Business & Management ScienceEnvironmental Economics
Farmer, ElizabethSenior AdvisorUiB/ Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Marine
Fløttum, KjerstiProfessorUiB/ Dept. of Foreign LanguagesLanguage use & discourse analysis of climate change/energy discourse
Gawthorpe, RobProfessorUiB/ Dept. of Earth Science Surface Processes, Sedimentology 
Gloppen, SiriProfessorUiB/ Dept. of GovernmentRights, legal politics and mobilization, climate governance and legal mobilization
Grainger, CorbettAssociate ProfessorUiB/ Dept. of GeographyEnvironmental and natural resource economics, distributional effects of environmental policies, property rights in common pool resources, political economy of environmental/resource policies
Grandin, Jakob Ph.D. FellowUiB/ Dept. of Geography & CETTransformations; Governance; Participation; Urban planning; Sustainability
Gregersen, TheaResearcherNORCEclimate, environment, sustainability 
Greve, Martin

Associate Professor

UiB/ Dept. Physics and Technologysolar cell research and nanotechnology 
Haarstad, HåvardProfessorUiB/ Dept. of Geography & CETUrban transformations
Hassan, ShoaibPh.D FellowUiB/ Dept. of Global Health and Primary CareGlobal health
Helland-Hansen, WilliamProfessorUiB/ Dept. of Earth ScienceSedimentology, Basin analysis, Source-to-sink
Hemmati, AhmadAssociate ProfessorUiB/ Dept. of InformaticsTransportation; Planning & city logistics; Energy consumption 
Herrera Anchustegui, Ignacio Associate ProfessorUiB/ Faculty of LawCompetition; Public Procurement; Energy Law
Hessevik, AgnetePh.D. FellowUiB/ GovernmentMaritime governance
Hugøy, IsabellePh.D FellowUiB/ Dept. of Social AnthropologyAgriculture, climate change, and energy 
Jewell, JessicaAssociate ProfessorUiB/ Dept. of Geography & CETEnregy transitions 
Kazlou, TsimafeiPh.D FellowUiB/ Dept. of Geography & CETenergy transitions, technological change
Knudsen, StåleProfessorUiB/ Dept. of Social AnthropologyEnergy; Corporate ethics; Infrastructure; Environmental NGOs
Kolstad, ErikResearcherNORCE ClimateClimate Adaptation 
Konow, Berte-ElenProfessorUiB/ Faculty of LawCommercial, international trade, & private international law; international civil procedure
Kopainsky, BirgitProfessorUiB/ Dept. of GeographySystem Dynamics; Food systems; Ecosystem services
Kristiansen, SiljeAssociate ProfessorUiB/ Dept. of Information and Media Studies & CETCommunication, public perception, environmental communication, content analysis, survey, interviews
Kvamsås, HannaPh.D. FellowUiB/ Dept. of GeographyTransformation & adaptation
Lægreid, Ole Martin Senior ResearcerNORCE SamfunnCarbon Kuznets Curve; Political-institutional theory
Moe, HallvardProfessorUiB/ Dept. of Information Science and Media StudiesMedia use, democratic theory, media policy
Myklebust, IngunnProfessorUiB/ Faculty of LawLand use planning
Måren, Inger Associate ProfessorUiB/ Dept. of Biological SciencesSocial-ecological systems; Sustainability 
Neby, SimonProfessorUiB/ Dept. of Government & CETMulti-level governance; Institutional change; Administrative policies and decision-making
Nedelciu, Claudiu-EduardPostdoctoral FellowUiB/ Dept. of Geography & System DynamicsSustainability in natural resource management
Nielsen, Finn GunnarProfessorUiB/ Geophysical InstituteOffshore wind energy
Nisancioglu, KerimProfessorUiB/ Dept. of Earth Science Climate Dynamics
Nixon, CaseyPostdoctoral FellowUiB/ Dept. Earth ScienceStructural Geology 
Nyberg, BjørnResearcherUiB/ Dept. of Earth ScienceSedimentology 
Nyre, LarsProfessorUiB/ Dept. of Information and Media StudiesMedia innovation, interaction design, innovation pedagogy
Overå, RagnhildProfessorUiB/ Dept. of GeographyDevelopment; Gender; Natural resource governance; Food security
Peters, YvetteProfessorUiB/ Dept. of Comparative PoliticsDevelopment; Gender; Natural resource governance; Food security
Puig, DanielPostdoctoral FellowUiB/ Dept. of Geography & CETlimits to climate change adaptation
Remme, DevynPh.D FellowUiB/ Dept. of Gepgraphy & CET 
Robson, BenjaminAssociate ProfessorUiB/ Dept. of GeographyRemote Sensing & GIS
Rosales, RafaelPh.D FellowUiB/ Dept. of Geography & CETPolitics and urban energy governance
Sareen, SiddharthAssociate ProfessorUiB/ Dept. of Geography & CETEnergy governance & transitions; Development; Political Ecology
Eskeland Schütz, Sigrid ProfessorUiB/ Faculty of LawEnvironmental law, EU law
Schrage, JessePh.D FellowUiB/ Dept. of Geography & CETEnergy Transitions, demand-side mitigation, Carbon Budgets
Sekanina, IdaPh.D FellowUiB/ Dept. of Information and Media Studies & CETmedia use
Shokrgozar, ShayanPh.D FellowUiB/ Dept. of Geography & CETenergy, political economy, degrowth/post-development
Shrestha, SubinaPh.D FellowUiB/ Dept. of Geography & CETcities, climate change, urban governance
Skjold, TrygveAssociate ProfessorUiB/ Dept. of Physics and TechnologyHydrogen safety
Sobolowski, StefanResearch ProfessorNORCE ClimateDecadal climate prediction; Climate services
Tatham, MichaëlProfessorUiB/ Dept. of Comparative PoliticsMulti-level Governance
Tvinnereim, EndreAssociate ProfessorUiB/ Dept. of GovernmentPerceptions & preferences; climate policy
Mathias VenningPh.D FellowNORCE Climate & Environment Climate services
Wallace, SteinProfessorNHHLogistics
Wilkerson, BrookePh.D FellowUiB/ Dept. of Geography & CETecology, system dynamics, land use planning
Yazar, MahirPostdoctoral FellowUiB/ Dept. of Geography & CETgovernance, institutions, environmental policy
Ytre-Arne, BritaProfessorUiB/ Dept. of Information and Media StudiesMedia studies