Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET)

Name______PositionInstitution/DepartmentArea of expertise____
Eskeland, Gunnar SProfessorNHH/Business & Management ScienceEnvironmental Economics
Måren,  Inger Associate ProfessorUiB/Dept. of Biological Sciences Social-ecological systems; Sustainability
Dankel, Dorothy ResearcherUiB/Dept. of Biological SciencesFisheries, biology & ocean management; biotechnology & aquaculture
Hessevik, AgnetePh.D. FellowUiB/Administration & Organization TheoryMaritime governance
Amundsen, Eirik S.ProfessorUiB /Dept. of EconomicsEnergy, environmental, & resource economics
Fløttum, KjerstiProfessorUiB/Dept. of Foreign LanguagesLanguage use & discourse analysis of climate change/energy discourse
Andersen, PeterAssociate ProfessorUiB/GeographyFood; Agriculture; Environmental management
Foss Ballo,  IngridPh.D. FellowUiB/GeographySmart Grids; Energy transition; STS
Grandin,  Jakob Ph.D. FellowUiB/Dept. of GeographyTransformations; Governance; Participation; Urban planning; Sustainability
Haarstad, HåvardProfessorUiB/Dept. of GeographyUrban transformations
Kjærås,  KristinPh.D. FellowUiB/Dept. of GeographyUrban transformations & sustainability
Koller,  MaxPh.D. FellowUiB/Dept. of GeographyGeomorphology
Kopainsky, BirgitProfessorUiB/Dept. of GeographySystem Dynamics; Food systems; Ecosystem services
Kvamsås, HannaPh.D. FellowUiB/Dept. of GeographyTransformation & adaptation
Oseland, Stina E.Ph.D. FellowUiB/Dept. of GeographyUrban transformation; Planning; Local politics & policy
Overå, RagnhildProfessorUiB/Dept. of GeographyDevelopment; Gender; Natural resource governance; Food security
Robson, BenjaminPostdoctoral FellowUiB/Dept. of GeographyRemote Sensing & GIS
Sareen, SiddharthPostdoctoral FellowUiB/Dept. of GeographyEnergy governance & transitions; Development; Political Ecology
Wanvik,  Tarje I.Postdoctoral FellowUiB/Dept. of GeographyUrban development; Energy transition; Mobility; CSR.
Wathne, Marikken W.Ph.D. FellowUiB/Dept. of GeographySmart cities, urban transformations
Hemmati, AhmadPostdoctoral FellowUiB/Dept. of InformaticsTransportation; Planning & city logistics; Energy consumption
Holst,  BodilProfessorUiB /Dept. of Physics & TechnologyNanotechnology; Surface Science; Instrumentation
Knudsen, StåleProfessorUiB /Dept. of Social AnthropologyEnergy; Corporate ethics; Infrastructure; Environmental NGOs
Cyndecka,  MalgorzataPostdoctoral FellowUiB/Faculty of LawEU/EEA; State aid law; Competition law
Herrera Anchustegui,IgnacioResearcherUiB/Faculty of LawCompetition; Public Procurement; Energy Law
Konow,  Berte-ElenProfessorUiB/Faculty of LawCommercial, international trade, & private international law; international civil procedure
Eskeland Schütz, SigridProfessorUiB/Faculty of LawEnvironmental law, EU law
Nisancioglu, KerimProfessorUiB/Dept. of Earth Science Climate Dynamics
Nielsen,   Finn GunnarProfessorUiB/Geophysical InstituteOffshore wind energy
Tatham, MichaëlProfessorUiB/Dept. of Comparative PoliticsMulti-level Governance
Kolstad,  ErikResearcherUni Research ClimateClimate Adaptation
Sobolowski, StefanResearch ProfessorUni Research ClimateDecadal climate prediction; Climate services
Stiller-Reeve, MathewResearcherUni Research ClimateRegional climate dynamics
Andersen,  GisleSenior ResearcherUni Research Rokkan CentreScience-policy interface; Norwegian Petroleum Policy; Sociology of knowledge
Lægreid,   Ole MartinSenior ResearcherUni Research Rokkan CentreCarbon Kuznets Curve; Political-institutional theory
Neby,   SimonResearch professorUni Research Rokkan CentreMulti-level governance; Institutional change; Administrative policies and decision-making
Tvinnereim, EndreSenior ResearcherUni Research Rokkan CentrePerceptions & preferences; climate policy