Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET)

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A few CET researchers are studying the mechanisms of how new energy sectors emerge and how old energy sectors are phased-out. They study what are the energy system, socio-technical and political-economic preconditions and connections within these transitions, primarily at national and global levels, using integrated and systems modelling approaches. UiB also has competence in natural science energy research, relating to various forms of renewable energies, including the Bergen Offshore Wind Centre (BOW).


  • Contractions: Analyzing past and future energy industry contractions: Towards a better understanding of the flip-side of energy transitions
  • DeWindSea: Designing a Refined Legal Framework for Offshore Wind in the North Sea Basin
  • CINTRAN: Carbon Intensive Regions in Transition - Unravelling the Challenges of Structural Change
  • Pathways to energy transition