Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET)
CET Lunch Seminar

Reworking education: Reflections from the first student-led course at UiB - CET201: Sustainable Innovation

CET is happy to announce this CET lunch seminar with The Collaboratory on wednesday May 29th, 12.15-13.00.

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CET201: Sustainable Innovation. 10 credit course held for the first time spring 2019. UiB's first student-led innovation course.

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Spring 2019 a different type of course was offered at the University of Bergen. CET201 Sustainable Innovation is an interdisciplinary 10 credit course available for students from all faculties. What was different about this course is that it was created, developed and run by two student co-ordinators from The Collabortory. The course was practically oriented and provided a theoretical overview of the innovation and sustainability fields. 

In this lunch seminar student coordinator Åshild Aarø will present some reflections on how this course was developed and run. 

From the course discription: "Through creative learning methods and a combination of theoretical and practical approaches, CET201 will enable you to develop knowledge in innovation, sustainable development, creative processes and interdisciplinary collaboration through case-based learning."

About The Collaboratory:

The UiB Collaboratory is a partnership between researchers and students with the aim to mobilize innovation in research and higher education in order to deal with the challenges of the 21st century. At the Collaboratory, students are in the driver's seat in the design of courses, research projects, journals, and conferences. We organize the Bergen International Student Conference (BISC) and are working with student-led higher education. The UiB Collaboratory is hosted by the Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET) at UiB.

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