Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET)
CET Lunch Seminar

Using C-ROADS world climate simulator: From carbon sources to long-term climate impacts.

CET is happy to announce the CET Lunch seminar with Aklilu Tilahun Tadesse, PhD Fellow in System Dynamics at the Department of Geography, UiB.

CET lunch
Regular lunch seminars with speakers from our affiliate network and guest speakers on topics related to climate and energy transformation (day subject to change, but usually on Wednesdays).
Judith Dalsgård/CET

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C-ROADS  (Climate Rapid Overview And Decision-support Simulator) is a simulation tool that provides policymakers, policy analysts and educators, as well as the general public, a better understanding and intuitive feel for the broad brush, long term consequences of climate change given various GHG reduction strategies. C-ROADS also provides an interactive role-play experience. Participants take the roles of negotiators from major nations and negotiate proposals to reduce GHG emissions. Their decisions are entered into the simple interface of C-ROADS, which provides immediate feedback about expected global climate impacts. This enables them to learn about climate change while experiencing the social dynamics of negotiations. The model runs on an ordinary laptop in seconds and has been carefully grounded in the best available science. A scientific review committee of renowned climate and System Dynamics experts has backed it and its outputs are consistent with the larger, more disaggregated models used in the IPCC’s AR5. C-ROADS has been used successfully with students, teachers, business executives, and political leaders around the world. In 2016, > 20,000 users have used C-ROADS in more than 70 different countries. To date, the number of users are greater than 100,000.