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CET Lunch Seminar

Predicting worry about Climate Change

CET is happy to announce the CET Lunch seminar with Thea Gregersen, PhD fellow at CET and the Faculty of Psychological Sciences.

CET lunch
Regular lunch seminars with speakers from our affiliate network and guest speakers on topics related to climate and energy transformation (day subject to change, but usually on Wednesdays).
Judith Dalsgård/CET

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The presentation outlines the relative importance and interactions of different predictors of worry about climate change, based on data from the European Social Survey (ESS). Multilevel models were used to examine associations between climate change beliefs, political orientation, and worry about climate change whilst controlling for cross-country variation. The results suggest that a relatively small amount of the variance in worry are due to differences between countries. The strongest predictor of worry is belief in anthropogenic causes, followed by belief in negative impacts. Locating oneself closer to the ‘left’ rather than the ‘right’ of the political spectrum had a statistically significant association with worry, but the effect were small in general, and in comparison, to the other variables. The strength of the relationship between political orientation and worry about climate change further differs across countries. Finally, Political orientation moderates the associations between climate change beliefs and worry about climate change.


Thea Gregersen is a PhD Fellow at CET and the Faculty of Psychology.