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CET Lunch Seminar

A Global Green New Deal: Historic Parallels and Future Possibilities

CET is happy to announce the CET Lunch seminar with Gregory Ferguson-Cradler, postdoctoral fellow at CET.

CET lunch
Regular lunch seminars with speakers from our affiliate network and guest speakers on topics related to climate and energy transformation (day subject to change, but usually on Wednesdays).
Judith Dalsgård/CET

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Welcome to our final CET Lunch of 2019. 


The idea of a “Green New Deal” as a means to spur transition to post-carbon societies and economies has recently been widely discussed, especially in Europe and North America. For some the idea behind a Green New Deal has been to stimulate investment in key carbon emitting sectors such as energy, agriculture, and transport. Most, however, see it as much more than this. Finding inspiration in the historic New Deal in the United States, the Green New Deal has emerged as a loose category of proposals to further not just a zero-emissions transition, but a transition that decreases economic and social inequality and strengthens justice. The large majority of proposals and plans have, therefore, concentrated on the level of the individual nation-state or the European Union. A bigger challenge is how a Green New Deal could be internationalized. This is all the more critical given that areas outside Europe and North America could prove to be most challenging for transition. In this talk I suggest some historical parallels to from the post-war period and discuss some leading proposals put forward to-date on what a Global Green New Deal might look like.


About Gregory Ferguson-Cradler

Gregory is a researcher at the Centre for Climate and Energy Transitions (CET) within the Department of Geography at the University of Bergen. Trained originally in history, he specializes broadly on the economic history and contemporary political economy of energy and natural resources.

All are welcome to attend. A light lunch will be served, please let us know you are coming by emailing: judith.dalsgard@uib.no

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