Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET)
CET Lunch Seminar

Public responses to climate change mitigation policies

CET is happy to announce the CET Lunch seminar with Eva Richter researcher at the Department of Sociology at Charles University, Prague.

CET lunch
CET Lunch seminars are our regular lunch seminar Wednesdays 12.15 - 13.00 at the CET centre, 6th floor of the Social Sciences building.
Judith Dalsgård/CET

Main content

Research on public responses to climate change mitigation policies is proliferating. Therefore, a need to critically review the existing research and its practice arises. Based on a review of studies published over the last 15 years, the presentation overviews individual and social factors associated with policy attitudes and measures and operational definitions of policy support, acceptability, acceptance, and other types of responses. The results of the review informed the construction of a framework for analysing policy attitudes. The framework, incorporating a new definition of policy attitudes, is designed as a heuristical tool helping researchers with decisions with respect to formulation of research questions, measurement of policy attitudes, and selection of factors to be included in their research for assessing, explaining, and predicting policy responses, as well as reviewing and interpreting existing results.

About the speaker:

Eva Richter is a researcher at the Department of Sociology at Charles University. Her research interests include public responses to environmental and climate change policies, related theoretical concepts, measurement and methodology, environmentally-significant behaviours, practices and related social institutions, and risk in modern societies. She participated in several research projects focusing on public responses to environmental policy making and is currently collaborating on a project on the development of electromobility in the Czech Republic. She teaches several regular courses at Charles University including Risk and Society, Environmental Sociology, and seminars on academic skills.


Open for anyone interested. Please share in your networks to people interested in this topic. 

A light lunch will be served, so please let us know if you are coming. Doors open at 12 pm.